You Know You’re Growing Old When . . .

. . . after a weekend of business you still muster up the energy to make a healthy dinner because your body can’t absorb one more morsel of junk food.

Yesterday my body reminded me why the calendar is pushing me toward the big 3-0 at the end of this month. After a weekend of family festivities to celebrate my two-year-old, I needed a Sunday-night reset in the eating department.

Enter roasted fall veggies, courtesy of our CSA.

There’s nothing like roasted veggies, in my opinion. I paired the veggies with bowtie pasta with olive oil and Parmesan–a nice simple dinner to counteract the many calorie-laden meals I had consumed prior to Sunday’s dinner.

Oh, and can’t forget the apple crisp I turned out after noticing we had a bag of aging apples on the counter.

Yum, fall food. A dinner almost good enough to help me forget about my exhaustion and my (dreaded) impending birthday.


7 thoughts on “You Know You’re Growing Old When . . .”

    1. Turning thirty is definitely relative. I think it’s hitting me hard because the last few years have been so busy that I missed my remaining twenties! Everyone tells me the thirties are pretty good, so I must be crazy to feel this way.

  1. So glad to realize that i’m not growing old yet! Since, clearly i can eat an enormous amount of junk food and still feel like i can squeeze in some more!! 🙂 That said, your roasted veggies sounded and looked delish!

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