Baby Surprise Jacket

When I told my parents that we were expecting another baby last December, my mom and I started talking about something she could knit. One project came to mind. When Nora was a baby, two of my friends had dressed their babies in the Baby Surprise Jacket, and I was super jealous of them every time I saw those babies wearing this snuggly handmade sweater! I persuaded Mom to knit one for Carson, and here he is debuting it over the weekend.

I love this garment and its history. It dates back to the late 1960s, giving it true hippie status. Mom said the whole thing works up rather strangely and it’s not until the end of the project that the construction really makes sense. I adore the blue/green/brown variegated yarn she used as well as the adorable wooden bear buttons.

I am in love with this little sweater and hope that my chunk-a-muffin slows down his weight gain soon so I can enjoy him in it for a few months. However, once it’s no longer his size, I will display it in his room to remind me of his baby stage as well as my mom’s hard work and talent!


4 thoughts on “Baby Surprise Jacket”

  1. He looks so handsome in his jacket! Something I wish I had done with Cal (because the sleeves got really short before the body got too small) was just pick up and knit another inch or two around the cuffs so he could wear it longer.
    Anyway, it is a wonderful piece and I am so glad he gets one! 🙂

    1. Good idea Liss on adding length to the sleeves. I’m a fan of 3/4-length sleeves so I’m okay with them being short, though it won’t do much for warmth.

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