Carson Crafts

I’m trying to make everything for Carson that I made for Nora. Though I have a lot less time and patience for some of these projects, their assembly is underway.

Here’s Carson’s baby book cover (it’s an old photo for a post I meant to write before he arrived, so I obscured the red felt “C” on the cover and haven’t taken another pic yet with the full reveal–sorry!). Unlike his sister’s that I labored over, I am throwing this together rather quickly. I figure he’s a boy and won’t care too much about binding tape missteps, tying vs. quilting, and glued, rather than sewn, embellishments  on the cover later on in life. What’s important is that he knows he was adored and attended to in his early life, so I’ve got to make sure to fill the interior pages with lots of photos and memories. While I haven’t had a chance to construct many of the pages so far, I am diligently tracking milestones in the Notes app on my iPhone and will get to them in due course.

Also, his Christmas  stocking is underway. Mom and I found this fabulous vintaged-inspired Santa fabric at, of all places, Joann’s. I love it and had a complementary fabric in my stash for the lining and back of the stocking. I’m embroidering Carson’s name on the top piece as we speak and hope to finish it in the next month so I can move on to other holiday projects (if I have any–I promise to not bite off more than I can chew this hectic year!).


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