Finished: Letter Fun–BOO!

I saw this project on Pinterest a week or so ago, and I wanted to make it myself. I’m getting more and more excited for the fall holiday season to begin, so I was extra-inspired to make a new Halloween decoration. I haven’t been crafting as much as I would have liked in the last year, mainly because I get discouraged when I can’t finish a project before the mess of it drives me crazy. But this project was really simple–it just took a few hours in total to make. And I’m so happy that I finally completed something I pinned on Pinterest!

With some wood letters, scrapbook paper, acrylic paint, Modge Podge, and ribbon, I completed this project during a few Carson nap times. I hung it up to see how I liked it and when Nora came home from school yesterday, she exclaimed, “letters!”.

It’ll be a few more weeks until I dig out the other Halloween decorations, but I think this cheerful decorated word will be a fun addition to my collection. Plus, it’s done and I can check this craft off my to-make list!


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