Carson: Two Months

Baby Carson is two months old! This little guy–the male version of Nora (as many describe)–is gaining weight like a champ, cooing, and starting to flash a smile more frequently. He’s also beginning to focus more–just last night he followed a toy with his eyes for several minutes. He also enjoys spending some time under his activity gym, though after about five minutes of kicking the monkey and batting at the elephant he gets a bit cranky.

Carson sleeps from about ten to three every night before waking to eat, which is helping us all get adequate rest. Steve and I have a good sleep routine that allows him and me to get several hours of quality sleep every night. We did have to shake up the routine for a bit during weeks four, five, and six, where I stayed with Carson all night, but since he’s grown out of those early newborn up-all-night habits, we’re back to our old routine. I’ll be going back to work three days a week next week so I think we’ll all be able to cobble enough sleep to function.

Our boy is big–already wearing six- and nine-month sleepers and six-month onesies and pants. Unlike his sissy, who was a bit short and round, Carson is long and round. I look forward to finding out his measurements in a few days; it’s the pride of any parent, especially a breastfeeding mother. I do hope he slows down a bit in the growth spectrum so he can wear more of his cute outfits!

We managed to have several outings this month. Carson went to our local farm/orchard, Sesame Place, and Longwood Gardens. He even was a sport for a few shopping trips, which I’m sure he’ll hold against me someday. 🙂 He watched the Mummers perform at my work picnic, so he’s on his way to being a Philly boy. Thankfully, he’s happy to be in the Ergo when we’re out and about, which helps me be hands free to attend to Nora.

From the postpartum mommy perspective, it’s been (nearly) long enough that I have forgotten what it feels like to be pregnant. I have healed (mostly) from the pregnancy and am happy to be picking up Nora again without any feeling of strain.   I indulged myself a few weeks ago and bought a new wardrobe and got my hair done to officially mark the end of my early postpartum period. Now I’m focusing on losing the rest of my pregnancy weight and getting back to “normal.” I return to work part-time next week and am looking forward to balancing home and work time again.

Carson is a beautiful baby and continues to bring joy to our family. He is so sweet and perfect; an ideal two-month-old boy!


8 thoughts on “Carson: Two Months”

  1. I know he’s a real boy, at least as part of our family, for throwing a bit of a fit in a fabric store. Wish I could assure him that was his last time in such a place – going by my experience, it won’t be!

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