This is my 501st post. It’s hard to believe that I’ve felt like posting on this blog more than 500 times. I began this space in 2008 to display my sewing projects. Obviously, it’s morphed into more of a mommy blog these days, as my sewing machine is gathering dust in my closet as we speak (to be taken out soon though for a very important Carson-related project).

This 500-post milestone comes at a critical juncture for me. In about a month, I’ll be turning 30. In two weeks, my first baby will turn two. In a week, I’ll return to work. For someone who isn’t too keen on change, the last few months (and years) have come with a lot of it, and more is on the horizon.

In just two short years, I have become a mother of two. To say parenthood has a learning curve is an understatement. It’s so challenging to figure out how to raise your children right (in your opinion) and balance all of the other things you have to do.  I think I have much more figured out now than I did a few years ago, though having it all under control seems elusive.

In the coming few months as I figure out how to balance even more, I hope to read more books (lots are on my list including Dreamland, NW, and Look Homeward, Angel), craft (a Halloween project and some for the holidays), exercise (I really need to prioritize this), and enjoy life in general. I also want to give my two-year-old daughter a wonderful family-oriented holiday season and nurture and snuggle with my two-month-old. Most importantly, I want to be as patient and loving to my husband as possible, as he navigates the ever-stressful and never-ending football television season.

I am so grateful to have the life I have, and I am so happy that I found this outlet to express myself for the last 500 posts. I’ve come a long way while writing this blog, and I look forward to seeing what the next 500 posts will bring.



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