A Day with the G-parents

As I mentioned, the grandparents came to visit us this week. It’s the hub’s busiest week at work, so I decided to call in some reinforcements for a week that I would likely be on my own. Their visit couldn’t have come at a better time; I’ve been struggling through my maternity leave–not because of Carson, he’s about as perfect as any baby could be–but because my recovery has been a bit slower than last time. It’s prevented me from finding a good rhythm to this time away from work; I am actually looking forward to transitioning back so I can feel “normal” again. But before work beckons, my parents helped me indulge in some rest and relaxation.

To mark the end of the g-parents’ visit, we traveled to Longwood Gardens yesterday. It’s one of my favorite places in our area. The five of us–G-pa, Shasha, Nora, Carson, and I–trekked to Longwood, which is a short and scenic trip to the Brandywine area of southeastern Pennsylvania.

We couldn’t have had nicer weather–a bit overcast, which prevented it from being too hot. We enjoyed the lily gardens, the children’s garden, a nice lunch outside, a medium-length stroll through the grounds, and one of the treehouses. It was so fun to watch Nora explore the gardens and spend time with her grandparents–she loved the extra attention from them and I savored the helping hands to make the trip possible.

We were sad to see the grandparents go but really enjoyed our last day together. I am already planning another trip to Longwood!


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