My Growing Girl

It’s hard to believe, but this cute kid will be two in a month. It’s amazing to see her transformation over the summer from toddler to kid! She’s quite a talker, with more vocabulary than I could remember. We’ve had a fabulous summer with her, taking her swimming, to parks, to the children’s museum, to the zoo and enjoying time at home blowing bubbles, playing with baby dolls, and even watching some TV.

The stage Nora is in is the one I imagined before I became a mother. A child who is so capable yet so appreciative of all that you can do for her. My daughter is very polite, saying “please” and “thank you” quite often but also spunky enough to throw a few tantrums in a typical day. I so enjoyed my day at home with her yesterday, playing in the rain and working on an art project. She is kind to her brother, crazy with her friends, and loving to her parents. She is my favorite girl in the whole wide world.


2 thoughts on “My Growing Girl”

  1. You just made me tear up. What a fortunate little person, to be able to go back and read such loving words from her Mommy. You are doing a terrific job, Natalie, even (especially) with the hard parts.

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