While I Have a Minute . . .

Nora and Her Dad Fed Some Chickens over the Weekend

. . . I thought I would pop on and post something! Nora’s watching The Heffalump Movie, which we just acquired at the library, and Carson’s napping in his infant seat. I’ve started and abruptly stopped so many posts that I want to make sure and get this one up!

Life at this point in time is:

Busy and challenging–nursing a small infant, changing twenty-plus diapers a day, living with a six-week-old’s sleep schedule, keeping up with a toddler’s go-go-go mentality, missing a hard-working husband, dealing with needy felines, spending a lot of time by myself (not easy for an extrovert)

Fun and rewarding–listening to my toddler repeat everything I say, seeing my little boy grow at an unthinkable rate (he’s in six-month clothes already), watching my hubby wrestle with the toddler every night

We’re looking forward to another extended visit from my mom next week. I’ll be shopping for new fall clothes for the toddler, getting my hair cut, venturing out for some fun activities, and enjoying another set of helping hands. I’m also starting to plan my daughter’s SECOND birthday (I can’t freaking believe she’s going to be two!) and preparing for my return to work (think pumping). I love the fall and the changes that come with it so bring on September!


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