In the Groove

Well, I made it! Day one of two under two couldn’t have gone better. Sure, there were a few Nora tantrums and an unexpected trip to the pediatrician, but we made it through the day and I successfully wore the kids out (both slept great last night). I had some wonderful friends stop by for playdates, which helped the day move along, and I got Nora out of the house a few times to go to the park and blow bubbles on the porch–I’m aiming for two outdoor activities per day.

Today it’s just Carson and me, which seems like a cakewalk (especially compared to two years ago when it was Nora and me one-on-one and I was nervous as a first-time mom). So far, I’ve caught up on balancing our bank accounts (hadn’t done this since early July–that month was such a blur!) and taken Carson for a walk. I already miss my spunky toddler, though I am sure she’s having fun at daycare with her peers.

Now that I survived my first day alone, I am feeling pretty confident that I’ll be able to keep this boat afloat. I know there will be bad days, but at least I’ve moved past the first day of our new routine. It helps to be mentally and physically rested, which is what my mom’s extended visit helped with.


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