Two Under Two

My “2u2”

For the next few months, we officially have “two under two,” a distinction made by many mommies on baby boards and blogs. I figure this category of parenting is considered to be borderline impossible–you basically have two babies–and I will be challenged with the “2u2” world on my own this week. Mom left late last week and Steve’s been here all weekend, so I’ll be solo with Nora and Carson for the first time come Monday. I will only have the “2u2” by myself on Mondays and Thursdays, since we’re keeping Nora’s daycare routine up the other three weekdays while I am on maternity leave.

I am excited to be with the kids and get into a routine, but I am also intimidated by the demands of my two little ones. Can I get Nora to nap? Will I be able to feed myself? Can I nurse Carson and keep Nora occupied simultaneously? I’m sure I’ll be downing coffee and diet soda throughout the day to keep myself moving, but I’d probably be doing that with just one!


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