Carson: His First Few Weeks

Since he’s my son, it’s obvious that I’m enamored with Carson. In his two weeks in our family, he’s already blended in well. He still sleeps most of the day but is starting be awake for longer periods of time. He likes to be swaddled but his arms need to be out of it so he can lift them over his head. He nurses like a champ and has been steadily gaining weight just as he should. He has grown an inch and doesn’t fit into newborn sleepers anymore. He hardly ever cries, except during diaper changes. He is already arching his back muscles and working on holding up his head. And though he came out with dark eyes and dark hair, the pediatrician thinks he’ll have light eyes and blond hair, just like his sister.

Welcoming a second child into the family is such a unique and demanding process. Since we have to care for two little people, Carson sometimes has to take a seat to his big sister, and Steve and I are having to learn how to balance life with two kids. Unlike his sister who was well protected from the great outdoors in her first month of life, Carson’s already gone to the park in ninety-plus-degree weather to amuse his sister. But to balance the hardship of being the little brother that has to tag along with big sister’s activities, he receives nightly kisses from her before she retires to bed. Between the affections of his sister and our more confident and experienced parenting style, the tradeoffs he has to make being the little brother shouldn’t be too bad.

It’ll be interesting once Mom goes home and we’re on our own with our two kids. It’s been nice to have another person to assist with diapering, playing, and cleaning for the last few weeks; honestly, I don’t know how we would have done it without Mom. But I am looking forward to the coming months watching my family grow and evolve.



1 thought on “Carson: His First Few Weeks”

  1. Carson is an absolute doll!!

    It’s so interesting how the world changes from the first to the second. 2 of my best friends just welcomed little girls into their worlds (one is a 2nd born, one is a 3rd born). They have both said that they have enjoyed it much more. They are less anxious and more appreciative of how quickly it goes by.

    Congratulations on your precious little one!

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