July in a Nutshell

Sorry that I’ve been AWOL for the last week. I forgot how busy these early-baby days are. Thankfully, my wonderful husband and mom have been helping out at home, so the time immersed in all things newborn has been relatively painless. Carson is a delightful, easy-going baby, which gives us ample time to pay attention to his spark-plug sister, who’s adjusted quite nicely to her role as Big Sister.

This month, we’ve been consumed with family life and recovering from various illnesses. July has been unbelievable: two rounds of stomach flu, fever, strep throat, impetigo, and complications from childbirth. I am very hopeful that August will bring us health!

In nonbaby-related news, I’ve been focused on acquainting myself with the Mac Book Pro that Steve bought me as a “push present.” Apparently, he’d been planning the computer upgrade for months, but it was perfect timing considering I finished Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs days before giving birth to Carson. It’s been some time since I used a Mac, so it’s challenging/rewarding to relearn the platform. I’m trying to figure out the best system for photo editing, my primary responsibility with a new baby in the house!

It’s been hard to heal, nurse a new baby, and still be involved in Nora’s world. To make up for being less available to her, I painted her fingernails and toenails yesterday, which she absolutely adored. I read about Piggy Paint on a mommy board earlier in the week and Steve picked it up at Wal-Mart yesterday. It’s a nontoxic, child-friendly nail polish that comes in all sorts of fun bright colors. My blue-fingered and purple-toed cutie looks so grown up!

Hope to be back to posting regularly soon!


6 thoughts on “July in a Nutshell”

    1. Piggy Paint rocks! It’s so nice to have the kid-friendly polish since I can only imagine the chemicals in the stuff we adults use.

  1. LOVE the picture of Carson and those cute Nora toes! 🙂 Hope that you are all doing well and that all those nasty sick bugs leave you alone!

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