He’s Here!

Day Six: Lounging in the Sun

Last Thursday, Carson Elliott arrived into our world. He’s absolutely perfect, seven pounds and fourteen ounces. Compared to my first labor and delivery experience, Carson’s entry couldn’t have been more ideal. I got to hold him right away, and he didn’t give the doctors (or his parents) any medical scares. We even left the hospital earlier than expected!

It’s humbling and awe-inspiring to be the mother of two. Nora is an attentive and interested big sister, helping with outfit selection, diaper changes, and entertainment. She’s been home more since we’re out of work, and she’s talking up a storm, connecting multiple words together into sentences. To think that she was Carson’s size just twenty-one months ago is astounding. These kids grow and develop so fast!

I am staying relaxed and living much more in the moment than I did when Nora arrived. I don’t feel pressure to keep up with appearances and am keeping calm at home, enjoying this quiet time with my family. We’ll have friends and family over soon enough to meet the little guy, but in the meantime I am enjoying having my feet up and cuddling with my new boy.


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