Pregnancy: Month Nine

There was a part of me that hoped I’d keep up with my pregnancy on this blog a bit better. But as my belly swelled, I got a little reticent to share a lot of details here. It’s not that I’m a shy person, per se, but I’m not big on discussing a lot of my medical, physical, and emotional issues in a public forum like this. I admire all of those mommy bloggers who are willing to share their entire pregnancy experience on the web because their posts are always informative, but I just can’t do it myself.

That being said, I’m opening myself up a little on this post to document my pregnancy, because I know in a matter of months it will be hard to believe that I was ever pregnant. Right now I feel like a jet-lagged whale and am getting close to counting the hours until this pregnancy is over. However, by the end of this year, I know those fetal kicks and heartburn will feel like a distant memory (thankfully on the latter!).

So here I am in all of my nine-month-pregnant glory:

Here I was just four months ago:

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be pregnant again, and certainly not any time again soon, so I guess I should enjoy these final weeks of being with child a bit more. If the heatwave breaks as promised and I get a nice pedicure this weekend, I might be able to enjoy myself a bit more. 🙂


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