Celebrating the Man of the House

I’m a little late to post about Father’s Day, but I wanted to give my wonderful hubby a bit of attention despite my end-of-pregnancy lameness.

Nora and I could not be more lucky to have Steve as her dad and as my husband. In the parenting department, he’s exceeded my expectations over the last twenty-one months. He’s hands-on with everything including diapers, cooking, playtime, and nighttime duty. In the husband department, I’m impressed with the handyman skills he has acquired over the years. In just the last few months, he painted several rooms in our house, hung countless shelves, repaired our broken faucet, power sprayed the front and back porch, and put up with my indecisiveness about where we would arrange furniture in our ever-shrinking house.

Steve’s also lucky enough to have found a career that makes him happy, and it’s so awe-inspiring for me to watch him grow in his chosen field. He’s no longer the young, fresh-out-of-college guy that started in the television business. He’s now an expert in his field and the go-to guy for technical and practical advice. Honestly, I knew he would be successful, but couldn’t have imagined he’d already be doing so well for himself when I met him as a disheveled nineteen year old in college.

To celebrate him on Father’s Day, Nora and I treated Steve to an IHOP breakfast (now a Father’s Day tradition) and he feasted on a steak dinner that night. This year I wasn’t able to spoil him quite as much as I would have liked (I had zero energy and a pounding headache), but I promise to make up for it in future years. I figure an imminent baby will not always be on the June agenda. 🙂

We love you Steve!


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