A Quick Catch Up

I haven’t been contributing here as much as I would like lately. Late third-trimester tiredness has gotten to me, and I am less productive in most areas of my life these days. I’m allowing myself naps after work and going to bed on the early side of nine most nights. It’s a sad existence, but giving myself a break is the only way I can keep up with the things I need to do (work) and want to do (hang out with my awesome kid).

Late pregnancy is a sacrifice: I miss my body, energy level, and ability to do most physical activities. I’m tired of running into the sink with my belly when I wash a dish or get some water. I feel like when I enter a room my belly appears minutes before the rest of me. Most shirts no longer fit. *Sigh.* I know it will be worth it in a month though, so I am hanging in there (as if I had a choice!).

We’ve been able to keep up a steady pace of activity on the weekends though, taking Nora to picnics, museums, parks, the library, and the pool, so I am not entirely pathetic. She’s keeping things fun at the house too; her language is exploding as of late and it’s so fun to observe her cognitive skills develop. I worry that she’s become much more aware of the world as of late which could lead to more behavior issues when she’s confronted with her baby brother. I’m hoping that the combination of the excitement of a baby and the presence of her grandparents, uncles, and, yes, even mom and dad, will help her through the initial phase of big sisterhood.

I’d love to be naive enough to count the hours until this little guy arrives, but I know it’s good to wait it out the next month or so until he has the chance to grow as much as possible inside of me. This way, we have a few more weeks to ourselves and relative calm.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Catch Up”

  1. I love you Nat! I appreciate you being real with yourself and cutting yourself a bit of a break. Growing a tiny human takes tremendous phsyical and emotional effort, even when it looks like you’re just lounging on the couch. Hope this nice weather is treating you right. ❤

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