Another Book Down

I’ve caught the reading bug lately and am enjoying winding down the days with a book in hand again. Transitioning Nora out of our room a few months ago prompted my return to this nightly habit. I’m targeting fiction these days, mostly because I tend to read nonfiction much slower (though I do love my food and travel memoirs).

Last year my mom gave me Left Neglected by Lisa Genova. While scanning my bookshelf last week I noticed it, picked it up, and finished it in a few days. Though I don’t share or desire the life of the main character, Sarah, it was fun to read about a high-powered business executive with three kids try to do it all. I could empathize with many of the moments involving her kids, though I am skeptical any infant or toddler could be as great a sleeper as her son Linus!

Other thoughts:

  • I truly think the saying “when it rains, it pours” could apply to children and illness. Nora’s had a great streak of healthy months but May (and now early June) are another story. The poor girl  has a bad stomach bug now, just a few weeks after roseola (again!) and a second bought with fever earlier this week. If I’m going to stick to cliches, I might as well throw in that things have to happen in threes, right?
  • We’re nearly ready for baby #2. I sorted through tons of clothing bins last weekend, keeping a small bin of infant girl stuff and giving the rest away. It’s remarkable to think I was just putting these clothes into Nora’s dresser a few years ago; life changes so quickly when you have small children and babies entering your life.

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