Countdown to Nora’s New Bed

Set to Arrive Tomorrow (Sorry for the Bad iPhone Shot)

A little over three weeks ago, Steve and I decided to take the plunge and buy Nora a bed for her room. Since mid March she’s been sacking out on our futon with one of us every night in her new room. We’re ready for her real bed to come, since the futon isn’t comfortable enough to sleep on for weeks and it’s time to get our guest room ready for my parents when they come help us with the new baby in July.

It was great to have a temporary set up for Nora so we could decide what type of bed would work best in her room. I’ve mentioned it several times before, but Nora’s never been a great sleeper and the cosleeping solution we settled on has really helped everyone in the family get better rest. We had to kick her out of our room in March because I was getting too uncomfortable, so now one parent (mainly Steve) cosleeps with her in her room.

We originally thought about buying her a full-sized mattress and waiting to buy a bed frame until later. However, with the intention that she and her brother will share a room for some time, I was concerned that the full bed would take up too much space in the smallish 11 x 13 room. So, thanks to a flash of brilliance one day, we decided to buy her a trundle bed, which should be delivered tomorrow.

Steve is the most excited person in the family about the new bed. We’re hopeful this stacked sleeping arrangement will still mimic the shared bed feeling for Nora but that we’ll all get a little more space and a lot more comfort (we sprung for decent mattresses for the beds since we hope this will be an eighteen-year-plus investment).

I find it funny that Nora will have the nicest bed in the house, though it’s probably fitting since is happy to settle into the princess role at home. I’m looking forward to the day when she’ll be able to have a friend spend the night on the trundle (meaning one of us won’t be sleeping next to her!).


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