Bonus Mommy Day

I’m home with Nora, who’s been running a fever since last night. She’s in very good spirits though, so we’re watching a few movies and also playing and catching up on chores. It feels like a bonus day with my toddler though! It’s so fun to snuggle and spend time with her. It amazes me how capable toddlers can be. Nora’s cognitive development amazes me; though she doesn’t have too broad a vocabulary yet (maybe something like fifty or sixty words) she understands everything I say.

Since I posted about needing to relax, we’re doing much better on that front. Our weekend involved some socializing and fun activities (including a neighborhood circus!) but we weren’t running all over creation to cram as much as we could into two days. I have to admit, it was hard to not want to run here, there, and everywhere!

Attic 24 Neat Ripple Pattern

With my stance that we need to relax a bit more, I’ve been spending time on a baby blanket for our July arrival. I had started one a month ago that I was knitting, but after looking at it, I decided it wasn’t my favorite pattern. So I started over and am using this crochet pattern from Attic 24 that I printed and stashed away nearly three years ago. I’m using up my stash of blue and green yarns from Vanna’s Choice. So far I absolutely adore the pattern!


3 thoughts on “Bonus Mommy Day”

  1. Is that the progress on the blanket? It is beautiful!!

    Feel better, precious Nora!

    This past weekend, we did a lot of slowing down. We took a little family get away, and it was JUST what we needed. Quiet, lazy and cuddly. 🙂

  2. […] As mentioned earlier, I used a chevron pattern from Attic 24. As the chevron pattern is everywhere right now, I thought it was fitting for Carson’s blanket–it’s trendy! I used Vanna’s Choice yarn in six different colors, ranging from greens to blues. The blanket is a bit larger than crib size, and it should be one he can snuggle under for several years. It took me a few months to crochet and probably about twenty to thirty hours. I’m very happy with the finished product, especially since I abandoned a pattern I wasn’t so happy with and began this one late in my pregnancy. […]

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