Slowing Down

For the first time in months, we don’t have a packed weekend schedule. There are plans to plant annuals, but that’s about all we have on our list. It’s a great feeling to be slowing down. For me, I need to catch my breath on the weekends. This week was a little brutal on me physically, and I am remembering the sluggish pace I kept up in the last few months of pregnancy with Nora.

There have been so many big things going on in the past few months that I haven’t had time to note the small (yet significant) moments in our lives:

  • Nora has changed so much in the last few months. She’s nearly outgrown board books and we’re reading picture books regularly at bedtime. She’s playing with her dolls and stuffed animals on a daily basis and adores her play kitchen and shopping cart. We’ve been working on different kinds of crafts, most recently experimenting with watercolors. Nora’s also throwing us a curve ball with her bedtime. Once with a reliable seven or seven thirty bedtime, she’s been up until at least eight thirty for the last week. It might have something to do with daylight savings time or it could be that she’s growing up and her sleep needs have shifted. While it’s an adjustment for Steve and me to have fewer hours in the night to ourselves, she’s sleeping much better at night with the later bedtime. I am sure this will be thrown off again with the arrival of her little brother though!
  • I’ve been crafting more (I plan to do a big post later this weekend). I’m crocheting a baby blanket for the boy to be, making his baby book, and finishing a few other projects. Slowing down will allow me to tackle more of these projects that I think are important to make for the arrival of our little guy.
  • I finished another book: The Marriage Plot. Thanks to a boatload of lab work in the last week, I’ve had plenty of time to hunker down and page through this satisfying 400-page read. I bought this for Steve at Christmas, thinking it’s always good to stay apart of the zeitgest (it was on many top-ten lists of 2011). However, before he had the chance to read it, I snagged it from his bedside and motored through it fairly quickly. He’s immersed in The Game of Thrones series so he’s been pretty tied up in the reading department. The book definitely channeled the English major in me and I’d recommend it to any literary geek, particularly those with a fondness for nineteenth-century British lit (and/or the 1980s).
  • Our CSA started this week. We’re splitting it with friends but we got the first share thanks to their mushroom aversion. We have a fridge stocked full of yummy greens. We recently bought a gas grill (to go with our charcoal one) so we can grill more on weeknights, which I hope will help us eat healthier and utilize our twice-a-month farm-fresh organic veggies. Tonight we enjoyed a grilled pizza with mushrooms and arugula. Yum.

I guess the point of this post is to declare an end to our spring frenzy that included traveling, painting several rooms in our house, purchasing some big-ticket items, and jam-packing our weekends. Hopefully this change of pace will help me get back to the blog and survive the last two months of pregnancy.


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