Nora’s Big Day

Sometimes the best way to get out of a stressed-out funk is to go shopping.

We’ve been planning to do a little spree for Nora to update her toys for the summer. With the new baby coming, we want her to stay busy! Plus, with a fall birthday, we think it’s good to survey the toys at the house sometime in the spring to make sure she has a few things to play with that are in line with her interests. (This was something we missed last year and won’t do again!)

Today we had a fun day spoiling our little girl. She came home from our excursion with new outdoor toys like bubbles, chalk, and a soccer ball. We also got her a play kitchen (that’s been on the list for awhile) and some cardboard blocks for indoor play.

I picked up a doll crib for her too, but that will be a surprise once the new baby arrives.

Though we don’t do it too often, buying toys for Nora makes us really happy. It channels our childhood nostalgia and gets us excited to play with the new stuff!


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