Final Vacation Notes

Nora and Her G-pa

Boise 2012 is now a distant memory. We’re back home and settling into reality after a very relaxing week spent with my family.

Our trip included many trips to playgrounds, a day at the library, a zoo visit, and many, many meals out. Steve and I even got a few dates in, thanks to Mom and Dad gifting us with some outings.

The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful (it seems the early spring has arrived all over the country). We spent many hours outside playing in my parents’ backyard.

Overall, the trip was relaxing and rejuvenating for us. It’s hard to believe it’s the last time Nora will be a free lap child for us on the plane! She’s growing so fast. It’s also hard to believe that the next time we visit Boise, we’ll have a baby in tow!


5 thoughts on “Final Vacation Notes”

  1. That was supposed to be so many! That’s what the Lyonskids used to say about Grandpa Jas…

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