Notes from Our Vacation (So Far)

Nora Loves the Bike Trailer We Rented

It’s day four of our vacation and so far we’ve been enjoying ourselves. While going to my parents’ house won’t always be our only vacation of the year, with a baby arriving in the middle of 2012, this is looking like the only one for this year.

To relax, we’ve been eating a ton of food, catching up with family, shopping, renting fun equipment for Nora, and not worrying about having an overtired, overstimulated toddler.It’s not that often that we break her routine for something fun, and a visit with her grandparents and uncles seems like a plenty good reason to break our daily rituals.

Here are a few travel notes so far:

  • Nora was awesome on our flights from Philly to Boise. We packed plenty of toys and coloring supplies for the trip and seemed to space out the presentation of new things at a good pace. She loved the Play-Doh I bought her as well as the travel-sized Magna Doodle. She didn’t like wearing headphones, so we watched Pooh without them and just kept the volume low–planes are so loud that I don’t think anyone heard us. Oh, and the baggies of snacks that I packed got us through some tough times as well. She loved the peanut butter crackers.
  • Nora’s sleep has been somewhat disastrous so far. She’s not sleeping enough, likely because her daily routine is so fun and (over)stimulating. Her naps have been short and at weird times (thanks to a two-hour time difference, I’m not so sure what time she should be napping anyway). Her night sleeps have been restless. Last night was her worst night–she didn’t fall asleep until 8 p.m. Mountain time (10 p.m. our normal time), despite showing signs of exhaustion an hour-and-a-half before. She was crying and upset, but we finally got her down thanks to Pooh.
  • My parents were nice enough to rent a car seat for us so we didn’t have to schlep the bulky convertible one here. The inconvenience of bringing a car seat along did not hit me until two days before our trip, but we scrambled and managed to find a really nice rental business and now have a Graco My Ride 65 for the week. It was nice leave our car seat at home, not only for the sake of convenience but also because I was worried about possible damage that would be done to it if we checked it as luggage. If we do ever travel with the car seat though, my travel-savvy friends  have suggested a few good options for traveling with one–I just need to think about it a little farther in advance.
  • Toddlers love Easter. There’s nothing more satisfying to Nora than putting things in a container, so searching for eggs in the backyard to add to her pink plastic bucket might have been the highlight of the trip so far. Plus, access to candy is an added bonus!

We’ve got several more days to kick back and have fun here. I haven’t uploaded and edited any travel pics yet, so the one above from my dad’s Instagram account will have to do for now. Hope to check in one more time here before our trip is over and we’re on our way back home.


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