Away We Go

Nora and Steve in Downtown Boise

On Saturday, we’ll be traveling to Idaho to visit my family for a week. It’s been awhile since we traveled to my hometown; look how little Nora was in May 2011!

We’re currently prepping for a ten-hour travel day on Saturday and loading up on entertainment for our toddler. We’re packing coloring supplies, the iPad, toys, and snacks to distract her during the long trip. Once we’ve arrived in Boise, we’ll have plenty of resources to keep her entertained (my parents house is full of interesting objects and big-box stores are easily accessible for any needed supplies). Therefore, we’re focusing our packing primarily on keeping an eighteen-month-old occupied during two three-hour plane rides.

I hope we get our one-hour layover so Nora can run around in between flights. I, too, will need to stretch, considering my six-month pregnant body gets pretty stiff. I think she’ll enjoy the long walkways in the airports, and I am sure she’ll be excited to get a snack at one of the fast-food joints. I’m not sure she’ll love being a lap baby, but this is our last trip to get her on the plane for free, so she’ll have to deal with it!

Once we’re there, there will be plenty of family time, eating out, shopping, and relaxing. I hope to post a few times when we’re there, and I’ll let you know how our flights went!


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