Nora’s New Space

Nora's Big Girl Room (Soon To Be Shared with Her Baby Brother)

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Nora and her sibling would be sharing a room. Well, as soon as we found out the boy news, Steve and I got to work on creating their room, changing our run-down office/guest room/craft room into a nice shared space for a boy and a girl.

There was a little sense of urgency to make the room, since our toddler has been cosleeping with us full time since October and my increasingly pregnant self needs more room on the bed. Also, we want Nora to be in a good sleeping pattern that’s not dependent on her parents’ bedroom come July when baby boy will be here and I’ll be recovering.

The room is still in progress (there’s nothing “shared” about it right now since we wanted Nora to take ownership of the room long before we introduced the concept that another kid would be in there someday). We went with walls that are green and blue (chosen from the Home Depot line of Disney paints–I wanted something bright and cheerful–in “Friendly Frog” and “Sailor Blue”). As I’m pregnant, we bought no VOC Olympic paint at Lowes. Many elements from Nora’s old nursery moved into the room (her dresser, changing table, book sling, rocking chair, wall art, floor pillows) and there are several new elements as well:

Land of Nod Wooden Shoes Bedding

Her bedding is from Land of Nod. This Wooden Shoes duvet cover was a steal since the entire motif is on sale.

We bought a cloud light fixture from Ikea.

Her sheets are Winnie the Pooh from Amazon.

The curtains are from Lowes.

We knew for our sleep-sensitive toddler, transitioning to a new room needed a song and dance. To be lured into the room, we bribed Nora with Winnie-the-Pooh sheets. Since taking the above picture, we’ve also added Pooh decals and a stuffed animal Pooh (and Tigger). She likes to stand on her bed, point to the decals, and say “Pooh.”

In hopes of a successful transition to her room, Steve and I decided to give Nora a full bed. Rather than setting us up to fail with a twin, the full bed allows one of us to continue to sleep (comfortably) with Nora while she transitions to her big-girl room. For the last few nights we’ve been sleeping pretty well in the room and she’s been in her normal once-per-night wake-up routine. We need to come up with a plan to slowly wean her from sleeping with one of us, but we figured that it would be good to take the transition slowly.

I’ll keep updating the room as the arrival of baby boy approaches. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some good pictures of all the angles in the room and post them soon.


7 thoughts on “Nora’s New Space”

    1. Yes, we’ll be working on it again soon, I’m sure! For now, we’re just happy Nora’s sleeping in the new room.

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