Finished: Wisteria Shall Collar Pullover

After five months, I finally finished my Wisteria Shall Collar Pullover sweater. Lion Brand Yarn sponsored a knit-along this fall featuring this pattern and providing helpful tips for putting it all together.

Wisteria Shall Collar Pullover

The holidays and fighting through an exhausting first trimester of pregnancy slowed me down, but I got the sweater finished before the end of winter and before I was too big to model the finished product!

This was a labor of love, and I feel really accomplished having made myself a very wearable garment. It reminds me of a good ski sweater–something I’ll wear all weekend in the winter. The yarn, Lion Brand’s Amazing, is soft and lightweight, though very warm. I chose the Vineyard color, which variegates between purples, magentas, and grays. My mom, who knit a sweater for herself simultaneously, used the Arcadia color. The yarn is fun to knit because the variation in each skein is random enough that every row leaves a surprising color pattern. I knit a medium-sized sweater and used nine or ten skeins, all from the same dye lot.

For the most part, knitting the five pieces of this sweater (back, front, sleeves, and collar) was pretty relaxing, and I was able to complete it while watching TV with my hubby or when cuddling with a sick toddler. In places where I felt stuck (like learning new stitches to increase or decrease), I found the knit-along instructions and Lion Brand website very helpful. I consider myself an intermediate knitter, and this pattern never left me pulling out lots of rows or quitting the project in frustration.

Five months pregnant in my new (not maternity) sweater.

So that’s it, finished. The five-months-pregnant modeling pictures don’t do the sweater justice. I’m looking forward to wearing this next winter when the baby is six months old and my body is back to being somewhat normal!


7 thoughts on “Finished: Wisteria Shall Collar Pullover”

    1. Thanks Liss! I am looking forward to wearing it and happy to check it off my project to-do list! I think you might now what I have to finish next. 🙂

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