A Blanket for #2

Last week’s Lion Brand Yarn newsletter featured this baby blanket:

Lion Brand Yarn's Sunshine Day Baby Throw

All I can say is that I am obsessed with it. I love the simple design (though I’ll probably add a border to keep it from rolling up) and the way the colors variegate throughout (thanks to using two strands of different yarn for each stripe). I think I’ll make this instead of a quilt for baby boy. I already have three skeins of Cotton Ease yarn (in cream, light blue, and light green) and skeins of light blue and navy Vanna’s Choice. I just need to head over to a craft store and pick out a few more shades and then I can get started on this thing. A coworker even gave me size thirteen circular needles yesterday so this project will cost next to nothing!

In other knitting-nerd news, I am one evening away from finishing my sweater from Lion Brand’s knit along last fall. Pics to come! (Not sure if it’ll fit over the pregnant belly though.)


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