We’re busy as bees here. Steve’s working on a lot of home-improvement projects this week while he takes off from work.


The hubs tackled a few projects this weekend, like changing the light fixture in the living room. At one time, a chandelier in the space made sense (despite it being a tacky brass builders-grade model). However, it  has been hanging in the now play nook for a year now, and we were tired of bumping our heads on the thing. I wanted to get a drum light and found this pendant at Lowes that gets the job done. The light is much brighter and gives us about two more feet of vertical space in the nook.


Tomorrow Steve gets down to business and begins to tackle the bulk of the honey-do list. He will paint our room, the kids room, part of the kitchen, and touch up the rest of the house by the end of the week in addition to hanging shelves, switching furniture in rooms, and cleaning the oven (that’s a seriously overdue project!). I’ll sweep in on Thursday and Friday to help and iron curtains, arrange furniture, and micromanage Steve. I’m sure he’s looking forward to the next three days when I’m at work!


1 thought on “Buzzin’”

  1. I’m way behind and catching up. . . LOVE the new light fixture! And good luck to Steve. . . that is quite a list of house projects! Can’t wait to see all the changes.

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