A Splurge

It’s been gray here all week. Typical March weather, I know, but there’s something depressing about living under gray skies for consecutive days in a row. On top of that, Nora had a respiratory infection at the beginning of the week, so things haven’t been looking so cheery. Thank goodness it’s the weekend!

KitchenAid Mixer

All of this gloomy weather lead me to want to do some cyber shopping today. I found an amazing deal on this KitchenAid Artisan Mixer. It’s discounted to $199 and has a $30 rebate. Though it’s a splurge, it should last forever and will be used frequently in my kitchen for years to come. I love baking and want to share that with my kids, so this seems like an essential tool.

I feel indulged for now and hope the new purchase motivates me to clean and organize my kitchen this weekend. That mixer needs a respectable home!


7 thoughts on “A Splurge”

    1. Thanks Brittany! I can’t wait for it to come! Thank goodness I have Amazon Prime and it will be here by Tuesday!

  1. I’m in trouble now because of you! Jonathan has always wanted a stand up mixer, and I say we don’t have room. Now he says he can have one because you don’t have much more counter space than we do!

    1. Just do it! I have been fantasizing about all of the baked goods I will make with this thing since I hit the “buy” button on Amazon. With a baker as good as Jonathan, it would be a gift to you too! 🙂 Plus, the deal I got is so good…

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