Pink or Blue?

Steve and I are due to find out the sex of our baby very soon. I’m not one to predict the sex of my or others’ unborn children, though until about two weeks ago, I could have sworn baby was a girl. Now I am “leaning” more toward boy. Time will tell (well, I guess ultrasound technology will tell!).

Land of Nod Watermelon Stripe Bedding

In the meantime, I’m starting to think about the room Nora and baby will share, more because I am anxious to get Nora out of our bed and into a big-girl bed of her own. Wishful thinking, maybe, but we’re going to have to work on this in the next few months for sure. Though I’m not sure how the room will come together, I like this Land of Nod chevron bedding (though it’s a bit expensive) and would love to paint a shared girls’ room a light pink. If it’s a boy, we’ll likely go with a light blue or green shade (or even white).


1 thought on “Pink or Blue?”

  1. Love it! If it’s a boy and you go with light green walls, Nora can have the chevron bedding and you can pull the lime green color from it and emphasize it in baby boy’s bedding.
    Agh! I love shared rooms!

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