Tea Time!

As Nora approaches seventeen months, I’ve noticed she’s playing with her toys differently. She’s starting to channel her imagination, which has resulted in her taking interest in stuffed animals (I thought that might never happen). She’s also perfecting her fine-motor skills.

With these new developments, Steve and I have been acquiring a few new toys for her. After a weekend that brought the norovirus to our house, he bought her a Mr. Potato Head on Monday. She played with that spud for almost an hour, which I found amazing. She’s very good at fitting the different parts into the small holes, something that I could not have imagined her doing three months ago.

Steve also bought her a small watering can toy for the bath, and she spent twenty minutes pouring water from it into a cup at bathtime the other day. Excited about this, I bought this fun Green Toys Tea Set from Amazon (free thanks to credit card points!).

I hope to try it out with Nora this weekend. This set is made from recycled materials and can be put in the dishwasher. Nora and I may have to make a baked treat to go with our tea this weekend as well!

A few random updates:

  • I hope to finish my sweater this weekend.
  • I am collaborating with a few friends to make quiet books for our toddlers. It’s been a fun process to date, though I need to get my nose to the grindstone and finish the pages soon!
  • Now that I’m four plus months along in pregnancy #2, the honey-do list has gotten very long for Steve. We’re making several updates/improvements in our house in the next several months. He’s tackling a redesign of our laundry closet today.
  • I loved the season finale of Downton Abbey last weekend. I know there are a lot of disappointed folks that thought season two dragged, but I still consider this show a great indulgence and can’t wait for season 3. In my eyes, a show like this can do no wrong, even if it gets boring and/or rushed in a few episodes.

2 thoughts on “Tea Time!”

  1. I adore that tea set! I think I see one in Calvin’s future. I agree about Downton Abbey – it’s like, there is no such thing as bad chocolate. At least in my book.

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