Finished: Bean Bags

Back in early December before holiday craziness and early pregnancy symptoms started to appear, I planned to give Nora bean bags for Christmas. Always the crafting idealist, I had hoped to give her a handmade gift in addition to the many toys I had bought her.

I cut out the fabric for them (one side is regular lightweight cotton and the other is a microfleece–both from my stash) but never sewed or filled them before the fat man in a red suit appeared.

Oh well, some gifts are better left for the depths of winter, right?

Last weekend, all it took was an hour to sew and fill these little 5 x 5 bean bags. They’ve been a fun new toy in the house. Steve’s working on his juggling techniques, and Nora is game to fetch the bean bags for me when I set up carnival-like games and use them to pummel stuffed animals set on a ledge.

Playing with the Bean Bags

All in all, this project cost a buck to buy the dried beans and took about an hour to make, start to finish. A cheap thrill for these cold and tiresome winter weekends.


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