Steve’s Birthday Trip: Hershey, PA

For Steve’s thirtieth birthday, we took a weekend getaway to Hershey. As it’s only two hours away and is accessible by main roads, it was a natural choice for a midwinter trip. In the ten years I’ve known Steve, his birthday plans have been cancelled many times due to snow. Of course, as luck would have it, we did drive to Hershey in light snow, though it didn’t impact our travel plans.

Enjoying the Pool

At Hershey, we ate out, shopped at the outlets, went swimming, and visited Hershey’s Chocolate World. Nora enjoyed swimming, though she got pretty annoyed that we wouldn’t let her cannonball into the pool like all of the eight-year-old boys. And she really enjoyed her sweets. I gave her a few Jolly Rancher suckers when we were killing time between swimming and dinner. Steve, who’s a bit more anal about messes than me, wasn’t so pleased with her sticky hands and face. Oh well!

Mmm . . . Sugar on a Stick

Though it was only a thirty-hour trip, we really enjoyed the family time at Hershey.


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