Coming July 2012

Another baby!

After much skepticism (just because I’m superstitious), I’m coming to terms that we’ll actually be welcoming another person to our family in July. At four months and with a bump popping out, it’s time to start sharing the news.

At the moment, I feel anxious and apprehensive about the new baby. It will be a big change for our family of three and will no doubt change my relationship with Nora and Steve. We’ve become such a tight-knit family with Nora’s arrival, and another person will certainly alter the dynamics in our house. Plus, I am focusing on so many of the demanding aspects of welcoming this baby right now: the intense schedule and lifestyle of breastfeeding another little one for a year, the expenses associated with another baby, the sleep and time Steve and I will sacrifice for a newborn/infant.

Despite my current worries, I have to emphasize how thrilled Steve and I are to be welcoming another child. I have been planning our second addition since Nora was just a few weeks old. As someone who loved having a sibling very close in age (my brother Jordan is just 25 months younger than me), expanding our family beyond one child was a huge priority to us. And it’s exciting to have the baby arrive in a month where Steve’s not ridiculously busy at work. He’ll actually be able to take his two-week paternity leave this time!

There are so many positives to having a new baby, and I know I’ll be in a new phase of planning and thinking about it soon. I have a feeling that once we find out the sex of the baby and I begin to plan Nora and baby’s shared room, sew a quilt for baby, and start to feel real kicks that the excitement of welcoming another life into our world will hit me.

I’ll try to use this place as a way to document my pregnancy, since I haven’t recorded much of anything about it yet. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Coming July 2012”

  1. So thrilled for all of you! And for me, too, to get in some fresh-baby vibes. I had a dream that it’s a little brother for Nora. 🙂

    It sounds like it’s really different this time around, there’s all the same excitement and planning but sprinkled with a healthy dose of “I’ve done the newborn/infant thing once and it was no cake-walk”. Regardless, I know you will meet the challenges with humor & dignity as is your custom.

    Love you guys. xo.

    1. Thanks Liss! Your kind words are appreciated!

      I look forward to your experiences with pregnancy #2 as well, whenever you decide to add to the family!

  2. Just reading this post now and so, so happy for you and your family! It is a whole new adventure with two little ones and so much fun to watch the sibling interaction. I can’t wait to hear about your expanding family. Congratulations!

    1. Andrea, thanks for the well wishes. I have to say, watching you through Facebook and your blog makes two look really fun!

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