Wow, My Kid Is Sick

Last weekend, we were surprised to learn Nora had roseola, a double ear infection, and mild strep. Steve and I had decided to take her to the pediatrician on Saturday morning (after some debating), as Nora had a rash on her tummy and back since Friday evening. We debated the appointment because, despite the rash, our toddler was in excellent spirits—laughing, running, and acting like her healthy self.

Imagine my surprise when Steve returned from the doctor with Nora with the news that she was so sick! I, for one, had never heard of roseola, but it is a common illness in kids three months to three years. It starts with a fever (we had noticed Nora had a slight fever on Thursday night, but it was completely gone Friday morning) followed with a skin rash three days later. The pediatrician said the roseola made her more susceptible to the ear infections and strep.

We had planned the weekend to be a fun one, complete with a museum trip and outing to a chili festival. Sadly, we ended up quarantined indoors, watching Disney movies (on recommendation from the pediatrician) and nursing our little one back to health. I do have to say that The Princess and the Frog and Tangled are excellent movies though!

And yes, it did snow the night before we received Nora’s diagnosis. And before the pediatrician appointment on Saturday morning, we took Nora out in the snow for a few minutes. She was bundled up and only out there for a few minutes, but I do feel a little guilty about her being outside. More proof that I’m not perfect!


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