Cold Reality

Well, winter arrived here today, in more ways that one. There are no more holidays to look forward to, our long ten-day break from work and school ended, and it got cold outside! Nora and I both had rough days back in the old routine.

Enjoying Our Playdough Session Last Week

I had planned to post a very happy, joyous post at the end of last week. I can still recall the fun mommy and daughter time spent making playdough, coloring, playing with Nora’s new doll, reading books, and taking walks to the park. It was such a special time for her and me, something I’ll treasure. Being a working mom has its bittersweet moments; while it’s awesome to have a week-long vacation to dote on my girl, it’s hard to adjust back to reality, when both toddler and mom are somewhat spoiled!


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