While my husband sits beside me reading hilarious Tweets from teenagers complaining that they didn’t get iPhones and iPads for Christmas (thanks Gizmodo), I am reflecting on the great Christmas we spent with our fifteen-month-old who is not old enough to demand the latest gadget (yet).

Enjoying Her Haul from Santa

Nora loved our small and quiet Christmas. Because it was just the three of us, we took our time opening gifts, taking two breaks (one for breakfast and one for some general decompressing time), and she had the opportunity to play with everything she received. Her favorite gift has to be the Bitty Baby Doll and baby doll umbrella stroller. She played with her new baby for hours yesterday.

Nora and Her Baby

She also received a table and chair set from Santa, which is sorely needed in this house for our budding artist (I say this as I try to figure out how to get some ink stains out of our couch cushions . . . so far the hairspray solution espoused on the Internet is only doing so much).

Steve and I enjoyed opening our gifts as well, though watching Nora’s joy and delight on Christmas day is what makes the holiday so magical. I feel spoiled, as always, by my hubby and my entire family. Thanks to Steve I am set up with new yoga equipment for the new year and ready to channel my English-major obsession with the Brits (can’t wait t watch Downton Abbey and read Death Comes to Pemberley). And thanks to other members of my family I have great coffee table books to page through (like Design*Sponge at Home), a new jacket, a gingerbread mold, Toms Shoes, and gift cards to spend.

I am so glad I have an entire week to sort through the new booty and enjoy it all! Nora and I are basking in our holiday week!


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