Welcome Christmas!

This Year's Christmas Card Pic

In just a matter of hours, I will be done working in 2011. The next eight days of the year will be dedicated to spending quality time with Nora, organizing closets in my house, and seeing friends.

We’re looking forward to a weekend that involves just our three-person family. Last weekend we spent time with the extended family, but Christmas will be just for us. I will miss seeing my family in Boise, but the quiet Christmas at home is just what we need this year.

As soon as I get home from work, Christmas weekend preparations begin. I’ll start making the dough for our traditional Christmas Eve mushroom brioches. I will also make a coffeecake for our brunch with friends tomorrow, a homemade cheese ball, and a tasty ice-cream cake for Christmas Eve and Christmas dessert. How I love holiday eating.

It’ll be hard for me to sleep on Christmas Eve, as I am so darn excited to give Nora her presents! She’s such a fun kid that spoiling her with books, puzzles, and other toys is a joy. We don’t buy a ton for her throughout the year, so we go big on Christmas.

Readers, I wish all of you the happiest of holidays. I hope your traditions and time with family make the season bright!


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