Finished: Holiday Yarn Wreaths

After completing autumn-themed yarn wreaths in October, I tried my hand at holiday-themed ones for myself and my mom.

Mine is a little bit glitzy and hangs above my mantel. As with my fall wreaths, I kept with the asymmetrical look for this one.

Holiday Yarn Wreath

For my mom’s wreath, I embraced the symmetrical look and designed one with a woodland/nature theme, which I thought would work well with her decor. I found the owl in the ornament section of Target. I think he’s whimsical.

Nature-Themed Holiday Yarn Wreath

Though I planned to make a few gifts for Nora for Christmas, her pile of presents is so large at this moment that I’m going to save those ideas for other occasions, so I think these wreaths are my last craft project of the year. Though I crafted a LOT LESS than in previous years, I am satisfied with my efforts to date. There wasn’t a big quilting or sewing project in the mix this year, but with a crazy toddler, I did as well as I could have expected.


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