A Low-Key Weekend

Decorating the Tree

We’re celebrating around these parts this weekend because this is the first weekend in several weeks (I think at least six) that one of the three of us is not sick. And to top it off, we don’t have much to do! For the most part, we’ve finished our gift shopping, gift wrapping, cookie baking (thanks to a cookie swap with my favorite girlfriends), and decorated the house. This weekend is about relaxing and doing some normal things (like cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping).Well, and I’ve got to get some Christmas cards out and box up our gifts headed to the West Coast. It is still December, after all.

The Light Show

We celebrated the holidays early last weekend, prompted by a visit from my parents. We had a great time, traveling into Center City Philly to watch the classic Wanamakers light show and dine at Max Brenner. We headed to Amish country for a visit to the Shady Maple Smorgasboard. We all enjoyed the family time.

I haven’t given many Nora updates lately, so here are a few. She’s blossoming in her fifteenth month, talking up a storm (early words are up, uh-oh, shoes, and cheese), signing her basic needs (milk, eat, more, all done), and making her opinions known (I’m still getting used to those fall-on-the-floor tantrums). It’s amazing to see her communication skills improve every week. With each new method she uses to express herself, she’s becoming more kidlike.


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