Holiday Decorating

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from contributing to cyberspace lately. Though I’ve meant to post here, there’s been something keeping me from doing it. I’ve still been reading my favorite blogs and (ashamedly) patrolling Facebook now and again, but I’ve gotten behind on commenting on others’ contributions as well. I’ve been a bit of a web funk.

I’ve been a bit insulated for the last month or so at home as well and feel a bit cabin fever-y, so now I’m ready to put some effort into my social media life again (after a busy September and October Steve and I retreated into the confines of our house for much of the last month).

We busted out the Christmas decorations last Sunday and decked our halls sans the tree, which we’ll get this weekend. It’s nice to break up the decorating effort. I am always so overwhelmed by the process and find myself hating most of what we have when we pull the boxes out of the crawl space. Then, an hour or so later after digesting the décor, I decide what we have is not so bad after all. (I blame Martha Stewart and now Pinterest for raising my expectations of what holiday decor should look like).

In the last few years, however, I’ve attempted to upgrade our decorations. Last year, before the calm set in after pulling up the Christmas boxes from our crawl space, I frantically dashed out to buy something that looked more adult as our holiday showpiece. Nora’s presence in our house elevated my Christmas decor expectations. Rather than piecing together a “mantle” (I use that in quotes because in previous years we displayed a majority of our holiday decor on the TV) with tchotchkes given to me by random people, I decided to invest in our own Christmas village. Growing up, we always had nice-looking “adult” decorations and the arrival of my first child has encouraged me to step up my game at home, turning our young-adult pad into a cozy, somewhat messy and crazy, home.

Earlier this year, we invested in a nice bookshelf/entertainment center from Ikea that helped our main living space grow up a bit. Now that I have a dedicated mantle in my home, I’m very pleased with how my holiday decorating has evolved this year.

At Halloween:

During November:

I’ll post the Christmas one soon!

With the decorations up, we’re ready for my parents’ visit this weekend. We’ll be busy ringing in holiday cheer with them very soon! Get the White Russians and queue up Christmas Vacation!


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