Fall Transitions

After a surprising and unwelcome winter snow fell last weekend, Halloween came with pomp and circumstance. Nora charmed many as a little ladybug, and I was grateful I had the foresight to buy her a warm costume since it was pretty chilly.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, it’s time to think of the holidays on the horizon. I’m starting to plan our Christmas extravaganza early so I can space out the shopping and prepping that comes with the season. I’m also planning to take on a few holiday crafts, though I promise to not go too crazy so I don’t want to pull out my hair (I distinctly remember sewing what seemed like 500 potholders a few years ago, and I won’t do that to myself again).

With the changing seasons comes the expected (and inconvenient) cold and flu season. I’ve been home with Nora for the last two days as she’s been down and out with a persistent fever. She’s starting to bounce back today, and I feel very relieved. No one likes to see a sick toddler!

In brighter news, two bottom teeth popped through this week, giving Nora a grand total of eight. We’re on the lookout for molars, which should help her chew all of the table food she now consumes.


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