Finished: Yarn Wreaths

In attempt to keep my hand in the craft world (in addition to my long-standing knit-a-sweater project), I decided to make a Pinterest-inspired yarn wreath. These wreaths seem to be all the rage lately, and I love that I can use up cheap yarn from my stash to make them.

Yarn Wreath

In a little over two hours, I assembled two wreaths. I referred to several blogs on how to assemble them, and found many little tricks during my research. Both are made from Styrofoam wreaths wrapped in masking tape, which made it much easier to wrap the yarn.

The felt flowers are simple to make. Michaels sold this nice chunky, textured felt and I used this blog’s instructions to create them.

I don’t love glue guns, but I had no trouble wrestling the tool for this project.

Overall, I think my yarn wreaths look quite festively fall, and I am pleased that I have two wonderful people to gift them to. I hope they enjoy them for the rest of the season.


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