October Wrap-up

Pumpkins and Toddlers Make a Great Combination

Thirteen months. It’s certainly a busy time for a toddler. Nora never stops moving, exploring, communicating. We’re still working on sleep, though Steve and I think this will be a reality until she’s at least two. From our observations, she doesn’t seem close to catching on to the sleep-through-the night thing. My latest theory is that it will happen once she gets a big-girl bed. Is it pathetic that I’ve set my expectations so low?

October has been a busy month for us. This weekend, of course, we’ll carve a few pumpkins and on Monday we’ll outfit Nora in her costume for her parade at school, so we’ll be exiting the month as we entered it.

Bright spots this month have included a much-need bedroom makeover, a fabulous birthday spent with my hubby and babe, and lots of activities on the fall bucket list. Low moments have included most Thursdays and Fridays where exhaustion from the week has crept into our bones. Despite having a few vacation days remaining at work, I’ve been diligently attending, saving those days for unexpected illness, though I hope to take them off in December to ring in some holiday cheer.


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