September, Week 4: Turn the Page

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My Life

Now that we’ve passed the one-year mark with baby, I am starting to reevaluate how I want to share things on here. It’s been a fun challenge to document every week this year on the good ol’ blog, but I feel the time has come to change my magic formula.

After this post, I’m going to check in as I feel moved, posting maybe just a picture or a rambling about something. As Nora has grown, I have started to emerge from the baby fog of the last year. Therefore, the “distractions” in my life are again becoming varied (I actually finished a book in a two-week window this month, a first since Nora’s arrival!). I know many of you come here exclusively to read about Nora, so I promise to continue updates, though there may be more knitting a sweater and getting ready for the holidays posts in forthcoming months.

I started this blog three years ago hoping to share my sewing projects with friends, family, and the craft community. Over time, this spot became a place where I could show the projects for my baby’s nursery and then discuss the growth of my darling girl. I want my blog to continue its multitasking ways, sharing personal information with friends and family spread across the country and documenting the projects I tackle and finish. However, I’m not going to continue my regimented weekly posts for the time being.

Now that Nora is one, I look forward to sharing sporadic posts about her year full of “seconds.” I hope this change to the blog will help my writing, too. For a time this summer, I struggled to write posts with vigor. I hope scaling back will help me find my writing groove again.

I plan to post just as frequently before but in a much less restricting format. Stay tuned!

Nora Updates

She’s off and running toward two! It’s been an amazing first year with her and the developments in her next year will be just as awe-inspiring, I’m sure. After a lot of birthday celebrations, we need a few months of quiet and calm. The Christmas frenzy will be here before we know it, so I want to make sure to soak up some warm autumn days with my girl before more present-related hubbub begins.


2 thoughts on “September, Week 4: Turn the Page”

  1. love, your updates as the spirit moves and time permits. It’s so fun to be so part of your lives this way!

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