New Project Time: Lion Brand Yarn Knit-Along

Whew! Birthday weekend continues for Nora. We’ll be celebrating through the middle of this week. However, the party for friends is now over (pictures to come), so I can finally channel my creative energies elsewhere. I got the latest edition of the Lion Brand Yarn newsletter Friday and saw its fall Knit-Along project. I love the chosen pattern, the Wisteria Shall Collar Pullover and the concept of working on the project with a social network. After talking to my mom, a fabulous and prolific knitter, about the project, we decided to both commit to the knit-along. She’s already purchased the Arcadia yarn for her sweater. I’m a bit nervous to pick a yarn for my project because I have to visualize a skein of yarn as a sweater I might actually wear.

I’ve never knit a garment for myself, so this will be a real test of my knitting skills. I’ll be sure to post updates as I make my way through this fall/winter project.


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