September, Week 3: Let’s Get Ready to Celebrate!

Pic of the Week

Super Nora to the Rescue!

My Life

September continues to be busy. We’re planning a celebratory weekend for Nora as she turns one early next week. I’ll be making cupcakes, wrapping presents, and decorating the house this weekend. My bet is that the little gal will have a few cakes to devour over the course of the next week.

I’ve been counting down to Nora’s big day. There’s something about your child turning one that is magical. First, it’s amazing to think the little person has been in your life for a year. Second, it’s time to celebrate making it through a demanding year, where you’re essentially teaching a new person how to relate to the world. Third, it’s so fun to give your kid a huge stack of presents and let her dive into a sugary cake. I can’t wait to play with Nora’s new toys; I’ve been getting bored with her old ones too!

Nora Updates

We’ve started getting serious about sleep training after Nora’s nights started resembling a newborn’s a few weeks ago. Things are slowly improving, though I hate to let her cry a little bit every night. She’s a smartie though and has already adjusted to the new routine as best as one could expect.

It amazes me that Nora will be conversing soon. She babbles a lot now and uses verbal communication much more often than she used to, though she mostly gestures to me. When I read to Nora last night before bedtime, she seemed newly fascinated in the books we have with one word on each page. I think she’s ready to build her vocabulary.

The other cute development with the little lady is that she loves to help at daycare. She gathers the bibs from all of the cribs and gives them to her teachers, and she pats the arms of kids who are upset and trying to sleep. I knew she was a kisser at school, but this new level of helping and affection makes my heart melt.

Looking Forward To

Celebrating, of course!


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