September, Week 2: My Patient Little Lady

Pic of the Week

My Big Girl

My Life

It’s starting to feel like fall here. We’ve been indulging (prematurely) in fall treats: pumpkin muffins, chili, pumpkin beer. I am going to make sure to get a pumpkin spice latte this weekend too. The change of weather feels great, like we’re all resetting after a hectic few weeks where Steve was embroiled in beginning-of-the-football-season chaos at work. Nora has been my little trooper, putting up with me full time while we navigate the craziness that is always early September. Thank goodness Nora put off arriving in this house until LATE September. She’s just so smart, that girl!

In the last few weeks before she turns the big 1, Nora has been one of the most pleasant, patient, and fun human beings I have ever encountered. She endured mommy’s work picnic last week and never put up a fuss during the event. She accepted that her hair takes double the time to do in the morning, now that the growing-out bangs are too long for the palm tree (it was starting to look like a unicorn horn) and require pig tails. She kept busy while I clothed myself and made our lunches all week and never had a tantrum. Nora must realize her birthday is coming soon and that if she’s really good, she’ll get even more presents to open.

Nora Updates

Since Nora started walking a few weeks ago, I have noticed big changes in her view of the world. Rather than do “baby” things like eat mashed foods from a spoon, play with rattles and duckies, and wait for Mom and Dad to direct her, she’s decided to try being a little independent person. And from what I hear from my friends with babies the same age, she’s not the only one doing these “cool” things.

So, without further ado, here’s what Nora’s up to:

  • Eating with her own spoon. Nora has been refusing purees and yogurt for some time now. However, equipped with her very own toddler utensils, she’s happy to sample some yogurt as long as she can do it herself. No helping Mama!
  • Rummaging through cabinets to find her own spatula and bowl to mix up something yummy. Better get those childproof locks on the cabinets with sharp objects and keep an eye on the cat bowls. Last weekend, she started mixing their food up with a spoon, which I think Napoleon and Abe were not too happy about.
  • Walking toward the television and turning around to look at me when I say “no” and then running straight forward to it and smearing her hands all over and laughing it as I say “no.”
  • Holding a comb and two brushes in her hands to do her own hair.
  • Using a sippy cup with a straw.
  • Putting on her socks (or trying really hard to do it herself).

There are times when these developmental steps seem too fast, but it’s fun to watch her morph into her own person. I am sure she’ll be picking out her own outfits and making cookies with me soon.

Looking Forward To

A weekend with my family! It’s been two weekends since we had any time together.


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