September, Week 1: Say “Bye-Bye” to Summer

Pic of the Week

Checking Out What the Big Kids Are Up To

My Life

We’re adjusting to new schedules. Steve’s busy work season has begun, and my summer hours at work are over. This transition would make me sad if fall weren’t right around the corner. Fall is by far my favorite season, with its crisp nights, pumpkin spice lattes, football games, and holidays. I am sure that in no time Nora and I will have adjusted to mornings without Steve and we’ll be enjoying cheery fall weekends together.

We had a busy Labor Day weekend, visiting friends, cooking, and spending one last day at the pool. It was hard for me to say “bye-bye” to such an awesome summer, but I know next year’s will be equally good (if not better). Having a child in this fun-filled, outdoorsy time of year is great. I hope that next year Nora’s pool time, trips to the park, and summer vacations will mean even more to her, as she will be approaching two by then.

Nora Updates

It’s been a challenging week with Nora. We had a very jam-packed few weeks and her sleep pattern is so screwed up again that it’s hard not to be discouraged. She’s waking up four or five times each night, so I am starting to think teeth might be at play too. Plus, she’s rejecting many of her food staples: yogurt, applesauce, pancakes. I guess time will tell! She got four teeth all at once in June and two more came in August, so maybe she’ll complete a second set of four by the end of this month.

Looking Forward To

Steve’s working this weekend, so Nora and I’ll be attending a few events together. Looking forward to exclusive time with my little lady.


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